Whether it’s classic, modern, or nonconformist, a beautifully set table is synonymous with cheerfulness and joy.

With decades of experience and presence in the international home linens market, La Bottega di Casa carefully selects the finest textiles for your home.

La Bottega di Casa offers a wide selection of tablecloths, placemats, napkins and table runners to apiece the demands and high standards of its customers.
From the classy and elegant to the contemporary and non conventional, in La Bottega di Casa there is an option for all.

La Bottega di Casa selects the best textiles in natural fibers like linen, mistolino (cotton and linen) and cotton produced by the most prestigious weavers from Italy and Europe giving a wide array of fabrics with different textures, designs and colours.

All of our products in La Bottega di Casas’ are handmade by skilled craftsmen, thus taking up the sartorial tradition that we have kept from our beginning.